Training Program

There are many opportunities for training at the Family Institute of Westchester.

The post-graduate core clinical program has been at the heart of our training. It consists of a three-year experience that includes a didactic series and group supervision in each year.

The FIW Clinical Model and Group Supervision ~ 32 hours

Designed for clinicians with some family therapy background at the post-graduate level, this seminar includes 10 hours of didactic instruction in the foundational elements of the FIW Multi-Contextual Framework and 22 hours of group supervision.  

The FIW Multi-contextual Framework, an elaboration of the Bowenian Multi-Generational model, focuses on a systemic understanding of families and the triangular emotional transmission process across generations.  FIW’s model broadens the clinical lens to include the perspectives of normative developmental processes in families and the impact of sociopolitical influences of gender, race, class and sexual orientation. 

The supervision group is an opportunity to view families and their presenting problems through these intersecting lenses and to develop skills in hypothesis formulation, treatment planning, and tracking themes and patterns across generations.  

The 2-hour sessions will be offered twice monthly from October through May.

There is also the possibility of a weekly series from September through December.

10 CEU credits will be available for LCSW and LMFT trainees.

Fee:  $1,650.00

Family Ties That Bind ~ 6 Hours

This 3-session workshop series is designed to support, enhance, and expedite the therapy experience of couples and individuals engaged in treatment with Bowenian-trained therapists.

Using discussion, film and experiential exercises, participants will learn elements of the Family Institute of Westchester’s Multi-Contextual Model of treatment.  We will explore the family as a system; themes and patterns of interaction across generations; family rules and roles; the significance of culture, gender, birth order and sexual orientation; how alliances are formed and sustained within the family; and the challenge of daring to be different.

Participants will recognize the impact of socio-political and economic realities on family problem-solving and see the family system affected in the narrative stages of Family Life Cycle.

3 Consecutive Tuesdays Evening 7-9pm
October 2017
April 2018

$300.00 Individual

$500.00 Couple

Core Clinical Program

In Level I, an overview of family therapy models and an extensive exploration of the Bowenian-based FIW Multi-Contextual Model is presented in the didactic sessions, with an emphasis on the development of assessment skills. In addition, trainees bring material from their own cases, sometimes using videotapes or live sessions, for group supervision in weekly 2-hour sessions. In the first year, trainees are also required to participate in a monthly seminar called Therapist’s Own Family.

Level II builds on the first year, with a didactic series that includes tracking a single case from inception to completion demonstrating the application of the Multi-Contextual Model. Trainees have the opportunity to discuss the challenges of planning and executing therapeutic interventions. Issues such as illness, death, divorce, re-marriage and substance abuse in the family are highlighted from the perspective of the FIW model. In the second year of supervision, clinical skills are honed through work on assessment, tracking themes, altering triangles, construction of tasks and techniques for working with the extended family through an individual. Special attention is paid to adapting the model for short term application as well.

Level III focuses on working with couples and with individuals, through coaching, in the didactic series. Models of couples treatment are explored, with emphasis on the multi-generational perspective. Family therapy research is reviewed and discussed. The supervision sessions continue to build skills, with expectations to employ three-generational coaching tasks to facilitate change.

The core training is conducted on Tuesdays, October through May, with specific times arranged for each group. Training consists of 60 hours of group supervision and 30 hours of didactic seminars per year. Trainees may also participate in other special programs and presentations throughout the year. NASW and NBCC CEUs are available for the core training.

A personal interview is required of all new applicants.
Tuition: $3,000.00 per year ~ $500.00 due upon registration

Advanced Supervision and Mentorship

Difficult Martial Cases

Couples therapy is challenging in that it requires awareness of each partner’s family of origin legacy of themes, patterns, triangles and secrets and how the repeated interaction of these legacies becomes the couple’s dance. Participants will have the opportunity to present cases for direct consultation and apply the FIW Multi-Contextual Model of Family Therapy. This consultation group is open to advanced level trainees and alumni.

Tuition: $2,050.00

Working with Families with Special Needs

This monthly seminar is for therapists seeking consultation for families in their caseload who are facing the unique challenges of parenting a child/children with special needs. This includes families struggling with the demands of a physical disability, chronic physical or mental illness: or with a neurobiological disorder.

Tuition: $2,050.00

Advanced Supervision

FIW’s advanced supervision encourages trainees to present families for live supervision. Applicants for advanced supervision must demonstrate clinical skills and experience equal to at least two yeas of FIW’s core clinical training. Intensive supervision of difficult cases supports practitioners in private practice and helps trainees become community advocates for families.

Tuition: $2,050.00

These two hour supervision groups meet twice monthly. Maximum group size 5.

Additional Course Offerings

Introduction to the FIW Model and The Self and the Family

This 20-session course presents beginning skills development in family therapy; specialized training for new clinicians and those returning to the field. In the first half of the course, trainees focus on assessment, using genograms, setting the mutigenerational and multi-contextual framework and planning interventions. The format includes didactic presentations, experiential exercises, role plays of simulated families and observation of videotaped staff consultations. In the second half, the therapist’s conceptual and experiential understanding of family systems is deepened through the use of photos, genograms, sculpting, readings and group process. Participation allows for the therapist to examine his or her own family in the company of colleagues and is considered a vital part of the process of becoming a family therapist.

Tuition: $1,800.00

AAMFT Approved Supervisor Training

FIW is an AAMFT sanctioned provider of the training for approved supervisor status. This course is designed for advanced clinicians who are already clinical members of AAMFT. A 10-module course, it can be organized to accommodate the schedule of trainees.

Tuition: $1,300.00

Special Consultation

Advanced Difficult Case Seminar This Special consultation seminar is available to therapists actively working with couples and families. Participation is limited to clinicians who have completed the FIW training program or its equivalent. Trainees are urged to present live or videotaped sessions. It is an opportunity for veteran therapists to experiment with new techniques, present areas of difficulty in treatment, and receive guidance from senior FIW faculty.

These sessions are provided monthly October through May. (Private supervision may be arranged with faculty members).

Tuition: $1,000.00

Trainees and alumni have access to our extensive library of books and videotapes and receive discounted fees on all other FIW programs.

Workshops and Conferences

Each year FIW presents a series of workshops for the mental health community. These programs are presented by the faculty and invited adjuncts and reflect specific areas of expertise, work in progress and issues of interest to active practitioners. Some of these are in a Learn at Lunch format.

This year the workshops that are being offered include:

3/29/19 – State of the Art – Medical Management of Mental Health Treatment  Presenter Jeremy Barowsky, MD, FASAM 

4/26/19 – Applying Sport Pyschology Tools from a Family System Perspective
Presenter Alex Diaz, Ph.D., LCSW


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